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Activity : Boomerang Roller

Something after throwing comes back again at origin by travelling particular path or trajectory. The thing is called in science as Boomerang. Same principle used over here. In this activity we are providing two DVDs or VCDs to form a roller by connecting it. The connections will be made by using Rubber band carrying some weight at its middle and connector. The weight on rubber makes angular position with respect to centre axis of discs. The angle is in between 100 to 150 degrees. With this arrangement disc roller coming back after travelling some distance. In association with Boomerang principle it is also depends upon strain elastic energy of rubber band.

So this activity is related with boomerang and elastic energy principle.

Activity : Water Balloon Drop

The activity named “Water Balloon Drop” is based on mechanical principle. In this activity students have to make such a structure with use of balloon, which is pumped with water should not burst when it is drop out from a certain height. As this activity is based on science principle so students will be introduce with such principle and they will learn this by such gamification.