CNC(CNC Turning Machine DX 150)

Computer Numerical Control machines are typically used for precision manufacturing. The CNC machine recently procured at Mechanical Engineering Department is exceptional combination of design and manufacturing helping direct vertical fall of chips and coolant with gravity. Thanks to 90 degree turret that enhances better life of guide ways and ball screws compared to other design concepts. The vertical rigid mono block structure is made out of graded cast iron providing stability and least distortion enabling heavy cuts and faster production

VMC(Vertical Milling Centre PX 10)

The VMC machine recently procured by Mechanical Engineering Department with an aim to deliver ability to cope up with various arena of demanding manufacturing industry. The model PX 10 is competent with working arena in 3- axis segment to be a productivity partner with better rigidity and compatibility to give output for various application of machining solution. C- frame, fixed column, ribbed structure wall with FEM proven structure delivers sufficient rigidity during various applications.