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Weight optimization in ATV Weight is a very important factor for any automobiles available in this competitive market. So, after reduction in weight, we got higher acceleration as velocity is not the main criteria in ATV used across the world.
Confined Masonry, Wide Column Model, Linear and Nonlinear Analysis Seismic Analysis of Confined Masonry Shear Walls Using the Wide Column Model; “Simplified Method for Seismic Design of Confined Masonry Buildings – Limit States Design Approach”,“Comparative study of the response of Masonry Structure with Modified Confined Masonry Structure through analysis and its experimental verification”,“Seismic Analysis of Confined Masonry Shear Walls”
Preparing Fly ash-brick with maximum compressible strength we manufacturing the the fly ash bricks which should possess maximum compressible strength.
Virtual Reality Tec defence an Leading IT company have provided the spounsership to the department regarding research and devlopment for VR.
Motorized fogging machine Moto fog is an innovative tool to fight vectors and diseases (e.g. Malaria and Dengue) in urban areas and for pest control in agricultural areas. The system was designed to be installed on a motorcycle, using the engine itself to generate all the energy needed for spraying (fogging).