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Faculty design patent data


Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Design Name
1 Prof. Aniket Patel Designing data streaming model and analysis tool with Heuristic Based Approach in Privacy Preserving Data Mining (Utility Patent)
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Design Name
1 Chiragkumar Patel Coriander Cutter
2 Mukesh Kumar Trepanning Tool
3 Deep Badheka Helical and Helical Spiral Intake Manifold for CI Engine.
4 Gauravi Joshi Mobile cover with power bank Pocket.
5 Roshani Kapadia Mobile case with earphone holder.
6 Hadiya Valiulla Mobile case with Notepad Pocket and Pen Holder
7 Mansi Raval Ventilated disk brake rotor
8 Kumkumlata Pandey Public place drinking glass
9 Ishan Thakkar Fly Boring Tool
10 Reepen Shah Fly Boring Tool
11 Mohsin Bukhari Laptop Screen supporting device
12 Karan Soni Dual surface finishing tool
13 Nikul Patel Dual surface finishing tool
14 Umang Vora Night vision spectacles
15 Reepen Shah Night vision spectacles
16 Nikul Patel Heat pipe
17 Reepen Shah Heat pipe
18 Reepen Shah Device to Assist low vision people.
19 Umang Vora Device to Assist low vision people.
20 Meet Shah Floating Vertical Axis wind turbine
21 Kaushik Savaliya Floating Vertical Axis wind turbine
22 Kaushik Savaliya Vertical Axis wind turbine
23 Meet Shah Vertical Axis wind turbine
24 DixitKumar Patel Rough Fly boring tool
25 BhavinKumar Chaudhary Rough Fly boring tool
26 Bhavinkumar Chaudhary Rough fly boring tool
27 DixitKumar Patel Rough fly boring tool
28 Jalak Doshi Fly Boring Tool
29 Jigar Dave Fly Boring Tool
30 Jay Patel Slewing ring mounting structure
31 Akash Bhavsar wall mount evporaaative cooler with ground water condenser
32 Akash Bhavsar Double suction Centrifugal machine with moving impeller vaner.
33 Mit Patel Rice Planting Machine
34 Jay Patel Rice Planting Machine
35 Mehul Padaliya Rice Planting Machine
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Design Name
1 Pooja Bavarva Chat Box Application (Chat Swing)
2 Patel Trupesh Wireless Hands free
3 Rikin Thakkar User interface of content based image retrieval
4 Hemal Patel Information Hiding using Image based Stegnography
5 Bhargav Modi User interface of HTTP based Botnet detection System
6 Satvik Khara User Interface of multiple chat based Application with virtual reality.
7 Nilesh Solanki Remote Control
8 Darshil Shah Remote Control
9 Brona Shah Sensor Switch
10 Umang Thakkar Chat application user interface
11 Haresh Parmar Air conditioner with 3 – vent and air Purifier
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Design Name
1 Anuj Bhatt Cases of mobile telephones
2 Rewati Marathe Kulfi Mould
3 Aakash Desai Octagon Shaped Television
4 Vidhi Bhavsar Sea Water Purifier
5 Foram Patel Faster Brick Placement Mechanism
6 Hasumati Patel Funky Goggle Frame
7 Parth Danani Computer Screen
8 Dhawani Shah Segregated Dustbin
9 Amita Shah False Bottom of Tetra Pack
10 Reecha Panchal Comb Stand
11 Kajal Patel Solar Foot Paths
12 Foram, Ramya R Hair Accessory organizer box
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Design Name
1 Anuradha Desai Mobile user interface of virtual machine allocation in cloud
2 Nirav Shah Secure data migration in cloud
3 Rina rava Display screen for processing Association rules.
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Design Name
1 Vayada Mohammed
Patel Hepi
Helmet Cooling system
2 Patel Hepi
Vayada mohammed
Automatic Pen with Solar panel
3 Minka b Patel
Vimal H Nayak
Traffic Surveillance and Number Plate Capture Camera
4 Bhoomi Thakkar
Vayada Mohammed
One touch human protection system with shock module
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Design Name
1 Nikhi Joshi Insect killing Device.
2 Mitul Vekaria Cap Capacitor
3 Roshni Dave Elliptical Shape of wheels of skate board
4 Darshan Thakkar Manual Operated air cooler.
5 Harsh Solanki Double Sided blackboard eraser
6 Dhvani Pandya
7 Vidhi Patel Multifold solar power bank