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Activity : Potato Battery

What the potato does is simply help conduct electricity by acting as what’s called a salt-bridge between the the two metals (Copper and Zinc), allowing the electrons - current to move freely across the wire to generate electricity. Students will understand the principle of electrochemical reaction.

Activity : Magnetic Train

Each magnet has two poles. Now if you play with two magnets, you'll realize that opposite poles attract, whereas similar poles repel. Students will learn the principle of Electro Magnetic Train.

Activity : Fun with Fidget

Students will understand the magnetic attraction principle and reaction principle. They will be able to see the effect of invisible magnetic fields very clearly and in a most entertaining manner. Use the magnets to build your own custom big fidget spinner.

Activity : DC Motor

The physics of how to construct a simple DC Motor. Assemble the objects according to Faraday’s Left Hand Rule and observe the speed of coil by varying magnet distance. Students will learn the Faraday’s rule and magnetic field.

Activity : Voltage Divider

The activity named “Voltage Divider” is based on electrical Ohm’s law. Students will learn the concept of Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff’s voltage law (“KVL”) and able to measure lumens output of lamp. They will also understand the working principle of voltmeter and ammeter. They can observe lamp intensity via lumens meter.